Moving in!

Well folks, this is it.

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently is, ‘So when do you move in?’

I finally have an answer.

In just four short weeks I’ll be moving into my tiny, ready or not! (Most likely not, let’s be honest). Each weekend as I finish work on the house I pack up and try to change gears back into full time work mode. It’s been getting harder.

As the house gets closer to being habitable it feels more and more like the home that I dreamt for myself. It’s a home that I want to be living in and learning from. A home that still has so much work to be done, work that my hands are still itching to do even while my body is aching and tired at the end of the day. I’ve been moving closer to the life I want to be leading since March last year, when I started this project. While I know there were one or two big decisions that got me this far, it feels far more like a series of tiny opportunities that have snowballed. Each step creating new pathways for the next step down the track. Suddenly I find myself here, on the cusp of changing my whole lifestyle to commit to this project fully.

I don’t have running water, a kitchen or shower, a fridge or any real furniture. Well, not yet anyway. I’ve got two more working weekends before the big move date though – definitely possible, right?

Stay tuned for the countdown.