All fired up

The last couple of posts have been more life related than build related. I have a bit to catch up on now, so here goes!

After the lining was finished, I could get the plumber and electrician back in, ready for fit out. First up was installing the flue for my Baker’s oven. Another pricey part of the build – over $500 for the flue alone! Youch. Having the elbow bends added in didn’t help with the price, but they look phenomenal (and are hard to photograph in a small space). And better yet, it all works!


I lit the fire a few times before it was inside my house and the smoke was suffocating the whole fire box. I would’ve thought having no flue meant plenty of access to air but I was wrooong. The drawing thing that flues seem to do worked like magic and my fire was lit in seconds and burnt for ages and was beyond exciting and whoop! What a treat.


Noel dug out some old cast iron pans he had in the shed and donated them to the cause, not to mention a Weber BBQ to boot! We had a tiny house slow cooked dinner to celebrate, it was all just terribly romantic.



Once I’ve got my kitchen bench set up I’ll also source a little two gas burner cooktop that can run on an LPG gas bottle for the warmer weather. The evening I lit this baby up it it was cool enough to have a small fire going for an hour with the door open, letting a fresh breeze in. I ducked under my cold camp shower and dressed in front of the oven, enjoying the thrill of my very own fire – the little wins are big wins when you can indulge in them properly. Overall I was pretty chuffed. What a perfect way to moderate the temperature of the house slightly and also be able to cook on the top! Excellent decision making, Sarah.

It wasn’t till I climbed up to the loft that I felt the full force of my designed-to-heat-90m2-and-currently-heating-18m2 oven. Fair to say that the little loft nest will be a toasty warm retreat on the coolest of winter days when the oven is lit. And by toasty warm I mean there’s a fair chance I could charge sauna rates for visiting guests if I got the set up right.

Anyone got spare towels?

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