Chapter Two.

Here’s what lock up brought: the chance to spend a night in the tiny, sealed in and safe from the elements. It’s still more or less camping, don’t get me wrong. But with all of the cladding on, most of the eaves tucked in and the house essentially water tight, it was safe to bring in some bedding and take the plunge.


Fi Khubs Nanachub – one of my nearest and dearest – happened to be in town and shared the metaphoric crossing of the threshold, shifting this project from the building of a house to the making of a home.  I don’t have any power yet, so candles (brave, or just stupid?) and solar powered lanterns got us through an atmospheric and relaxed evening.


I’ve since upgraded to fairy lights and an LED strip light powered from a battery (on loan from the ever resourceful Noel). Between all these options and a head torch I have more than enough to light my way. Since Fi and I stayed that first night, I’ve slept over every chance I’ve had. I was worried that I’d be cold up there without any insulation in my walls and no wood heater installed yet, but so far it has been more than cosy enough! It is a bit of a worry that the spring time sun manages to shine straight onto my face through the east facing window and wake me up with its heat and light already, in October. It’s possible that my faith in the double glazed glass may have been slightly over done, some curtains may be required later in the year. Either that or Saree may finally become an early riser! Never too late to learn, right? 😛

The evening light isn’t too shabby either – here’s the view from my pillow tonight.


I made a detour to collect some old tea boxes on the weekend too. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be able to use them for just yet but they were too special to pass up. I’m hoping I can work them into my stairs somehow – maybe if I build the frame first then find a way to include these as a storage option? Either way, they’re working well as make shift tables for now. Gotta have somewhere nice to put fancy housewarming flowers from the farmers markets 😉

img_9239   img_9240

I’m feeling inspired at the moment by this rustic collection of crates and pallets from Tiny House Giant Journey. I like that it’s not so obviously a staircase, but still functions as one. Clever!


Having said that, there’s still plenty of work to do before I get to the stairs. And so far I haven’t been lured into the temptation of a mid work day nap, despite having a bed available. Winning! It certainly makes the weekends a little less tedious, not having to pack up at the end of the day and head back to my parents’ place, just to turn back around the next day.

It also makes it feel a little bit more real. Waking up and realising – that sound of birds chattering in the morning, the view belting down on my head and lulling me to sleep each night, the smell of pine and cypress – every decision so far that has led me to this point, is mine.

Thanks for the visit Khubsee! Your Nan’s yoyos got me through a tough day building. Next time you’re down hopefully I’ll be set up enough to make us an inhouse cup of tea for breakfast! 😉 xx


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