The ‘L’ word

Some things sneak up on you without noticing, even though it feels like you’ve been waiting a lifetime for them to arrive. Last weekend, quietly and without ceremony, the final pieces of cladding went onto the dormer window and my tiny was sealed up and suddenly secure from the elements.


This is it. This is what lock up looks like. It’s hard to think back to July, only 3 months ago, when I was feeling frustrated at the lack of momentum and inability to just get started. I’m not even sure I knew what ‘lock up’ meant back then! Is it ridiculous to be feeling nostalgic about a project that I’m not even halfway through yet? Either way, it’s a pretty special feeling – to look at this creation and know that it’s mine, that soon it will be my home.

There are a few final details to go to finish the outside of the tiny: eave boards underneath the overhangs, guttering on the front gable, the timber architraves (trim) around the windows and door and plenty more paint!



The timber architraves are going to make a world of difference. I had imagined something a bit more rustic, a bit more rough and ready, maybe like old silver farm fence palings. Once again, finding time to hunt down these kind of second hand resources is tricky. I’m sure they’re out there, but working full time and having professionals come to help out mean materials need to be ready to go with little time for foraging. Instead, Tom grabbed a 75 x 125mm cypress sleeper from the hardware shop and stripped it down to fit around window frames. This took a bit of wrangling, given how far out they sit from the cladding (obviously designed for a brick house or something with much thicker walls). The architraves were checked out to sit right over the edge of the window frame, also covering up the flashing that ran around the sides.

Turned out pretty nicely, don’t you think??


Tomorrow should finish off the outside and will also be a momentous occasion – the first sleep over in the tiny! It will be glorified camping at this stage, but a pretty big deal nonetheless.

After that a whole new chapter awaits…the inside! I’m grateful that I’m still loving every tiny moment, cos there’s still a long way to go. I guess there’s lots of L words in the end. L is for lock up, for loving this project that has taken over since I took the plunge to make it happen, and the new life that is taking shape around this tiny home.


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