Deep Sea Diving

After realising some of the challenges involved in getting cladding up on the dormers, it made sense to try and get each side finished all at once, while the scaffolding/ladders were set up. This meant cladded, trimmed and painted. Painted! Meaning it was Saturday morning, Tom was on his way and it was time to choose a paint colour for my tiny!
There’s a bit of a back story behind the Blue Saree thing, but I’ll save that for another day. Enough to say that blue was always going to be the colour of my house, and I had some idea of the look I was going for when I started this project. As it turns out, translating something in your head into real life, especially when deadlines are involved, is another matter altogether. Brodie, lifesaver that she is, came with me to Bunnings and trawled through the paint section, assessing potential combinations and ideas for painting the tiny. We narrowed down the options and took two samples home. I’m not sure whether this was a genius move (limiting options) or just a bit short sighted, thinking that two options would be enough. Either way, I took home Costa Rica blue and Colourbond Deep Ocean.
The blue was very blue! The Deep Ocean was a little more grey than I originally had in mind, but next to the colour of my Ironstone roof, it seemed just about right. I went with the one on the right. Once the big decision was made, it was just time to get cracking. Tom worked on putting the cladding up on the North facing dormer and before we knew it the moment had arrived – time for the first lick of paint!
img_9142   img_9128
Brods lacquered up the weather stops and the rosy cedar compliments the blue and tin so well. Better than the deep ocean compliments my pasty legs at least. Big shout out to my tiny buddy Nicole here for the lend of her boots – although the warmer Spring weather is slow in approaching, the snow boots I’ve been wearing up until now are definitely becoming excessive.
Plenty of people asked about windows on this North facing dormer  – as you can see there aren’t any. I had originally thought about having windows on all three sides of the loft, but when it came down to price of windows, wall storage and practically, it just didn’t happen. I’m not sure whether I’d make the same decision again, but so far I don’t regret it. It’s working! And I’ll need somewhere to put some clothes up in the loft – that wall might be my best bet.
There’s still another day’s work on the South facing dormer (the one with the window!) and plenty more painting to come. Feels like lots of progress though!

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