It feels like things just keep picking up at the moment, this tiny is taking on a life of its own!

Better weather, longer days, a bit more confidence and more practice spending money, lots of helping hands and a few extra professionals stepping in – all add up to lots of progress.

City slicker Tiaan came down to spend the img_9015weekend helping and what more can you ask for, than someone willing to get out of their comfort zone? I met Tiaan last year in Canada and we barely spent three days hanging out before I jetted off and we didn’t see each other for well over 12 months. Despite being opposites in most aspects of life, when you find your people, distance or differences don’t matter much. Tiaan swears her shoe collection wouldn’t fit in my tiny and has no interest in living in the country, but here’s proof for your Mum, Tiaan, you definitely got your hands dirty! Thank you!

We shopped for a shower base, removed the last of the bracing, cleaned out all the scraps and tidied the tiny for the first time properly – such a change! The space feels completely different…so homey! EEK!



We also spent some time battling with a few odd jobs left between proper building days with Tom – back to my best friend, flashing! This lot is to neaten up the rough edges of the corrugated iron and also hopefully stop any water getting in the sides. It was hard work on the hands, I had to tin snip all of the pieces to fit, then drill the holes through the flashing and the tin and then the rivets went in. Soft, weak non-tradie hands are not really an asset at this point in life, but I’m sure they’re getting stronger (or possibly I’m just getting more stubborn, not sure which).

I’m loath to admit how long it took me to get these ten pieces of flashing on, but the point is that THEY’RE ON! Once I worked out how to tighten the chuck on the drill enough to hold the drill bits properly I made much better progress. If you ever come to see my tiny in real life and feel compelled to comment on the excellent quality of the flashings around the edges, rest assured you’ll go straight to the pool room.

img_9022      img_9024

But probably (most certainly) the most exciting update though is that I have a door! Two doors, in fact! Two beautiful, expertly hung doors, thanks to these legends, Ferg and Noel.

img_9063     img_9065


Taaddaaaa! The doors are cedar, double glazed (and not light!), outward opening and definitely a highlight of the house! They weren’t cheap (new but second hand for $1000) but I opted for quality over…well not quality. And I love them! Lots of light, they feel secure and will hopefully do well keeping the heat/cool in/out so I won’t need curtains or to worry about covering them. There was a bit of thinking around the hinges, I bought some cheap parliament hinges from Bunnings but they were more like gate hinges and would’ve stuck out a mile. Fergus found some much nicer stainless steel butterfly hinges that still allow the doors to rotate a full 180 degrees so I’ll be able to open them fully. Woohoo!

I’m not thinking too much about weight distribution or keeping very good track of the weight that’s going on my trailer at the moment. I don’t even have a clear idea of how much the doors weigh, but I suppose worst case I could take them off if I needed to move it. Right now though I’m pretty darn chuffed with them, right where they are.

Bring. on. lock. up!


2 thoughts on “Snowballing

  1. Vicky says:

    Sarah! Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I’ve been peeking in at this blog since you started it and I think that you’re amazing! The house is really coming along – what an awesome project 🙂


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