Windows and Doors

I’ve lost the ability to think up witty titles for these posts after a day of working outside and half a cider, so apologies in advance. As you might’ve guessed – the windows and door (frames) are in, hooray! It makes a big difference having them in, all of these additions make this little timber box on wheels feel more and more like a house.

I bought some of my windows second hand from Buy, Swap, Swell pages and one or two from gumtree. I’ve actually ended up with a shed full of extra windows, the first lots I bought were too big (according to Tom). I had originally planned to have lots more windows included in the house. Theoretically, I get the pros of having fewer windows – they’re not good insulators, you lose wall space and storage, they’re not structural, the list goes on. In the end I picked the two smallest second hand windows to use and bought three new windows that fit the size requirements and were double glazed as well.


My new windows are Meranti timber – there was a bit of an ethical dilemma when it came to choosing the them. Meranti and Cedar seem to be both common options, both are imported woods and need a decent amount of maintenance to protect them from the weather. I spent a bit of time researching the options to see if there was an easy environmentally friendly option but most window places have their marketing down pat and reassure you that the timber is sustainable, even if it does come from Asia. As a novice, it’s hard to know the best option without breaking the budget! At this stage I’m going to varnish the windows and doors instead of paint them – this means less protection from the weather but I love the colour and look of the natural timber. The second hand windows are cedar and will need a clean up, it may end up being more trouble than it’s worth getting them stripped back to timber, I’ll see what happens there. Some painted feature windows could be fun!



It will be interesting to see how the house looks when it has the cladding on, there’s some decent stretches of wall there with no windows to break them up. And it’s not the lightest inside at the moment. I think that’s partly to do with the placement, there isn’t a huge amount of full sun that hits the house during the day. But the double doors will do the job and some strategic lighting and painting inside will help as well.


So far the double timber doors are still my favourite feature and were worth the investment. The windows weren’t cheap either, with the total cost for my second hand and new windows coming in at around $1300 (plus an extra $1000 for the door). I might get some of that back if I can sell the extra windows but I doubt I’ll get much. Who knew these house things were so expensive!? On the upside, I have beautiful double glazed timber windows and doors in the house and we’re getting closer and closer to lock up…


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