Flash new tin

Last weekend was a bit of a treasure hunt and I got a little bit giddy when we lucked out and I got my hands on this.


A quick visit to the tip didn’t prove fruitful (except for my parents who got a free load of rubbish dropped off), we tried the recycling yard with no luck. We were headed for home with empty hands when we drove past the local scrap metal yard (which I didn’t even know existed until that point) who just happened to have a stash of good quality second hand corrugated iron (also known as gal roofing tin if you’re trying to search Ebay for it, FYI). Score! There’s a few holes to patch but no serious rust or structural issues with it. And I got the whole lot for $100! Bargain.  Big thank you goes out to Sean right here, what a tip hero! And very generously helped me lug the lot up the hill to the house – much appreciated 🙂

There were a few hours work to be done on flashing the windows and putting weather stops on the corners of the house (some lovely raw cedar that I’ll varnish later on when we’re finished), but the moment finally arrived: putting the first sheets of cladding on! Pretty much as excited as I’ve been since…well probably since last week when we put the windows in. And then when we put the roof on before that. And then the framing before that. Ok fine, safe to say I’ve been ridiculously excited about every step of the project. This wasn’t an exception.



How great does the tin skirt look? The corrugated iron won’t go any higher than this, above the tin will be a ply cladding that I’ll paint.

Just a side note: one thing I knew nothing about and has played a much larger part in the whole project than I thought is this bloody flashing! It goes everywhere! and seems fairly important for keeping water out. It makes more sense now but it still boggles my brain a little that I didn’t even know what it was four months ago and we have literally spent days cutting and thinking about and attaching flashing to various parts of this house. I almost feel like I owe it an apology.

Sorry, flashing. You’re the best and I’ll never underestimate you again. Please keep my house dry.

If you’re starting to build a house or anything else that needs to be waterproof and you don’t know what flashing is, get to know it. There’s my advice. You can see the aluminium flashing above the doors and windows in the pictures, there’s flashing on the edges of the roof and there will be more to come on the edges of the tin skirt once the cladding is done too. It diverts water away from joins or places where it might pool and rot the timber, like above my windows or doors.


Technical notes here if you’re interested:

  • We screwed the tin on using self tapping screws with washers (sheeting screws?), metal roofing screws attached the tin to the trailer at the bottom. Probably a fail for technical notes there because I’m not actually sure what they’re called. D’oh.
  • The sheets overlapped with no issues and the tin wasn’t tight up against the weather stop in every corner but the flashing will cover any gaps later on.
  • Tom trimmed the tin to make sure the valley of the corrugation was at the top – the ply cladding with come down and rest flat over the top of the tin and I’ll add an architrave where the ply and the tin meet to hide the join.
  • Most importantly: TIN IS STUPIDLY SHARP AND WILL CUT YOU UP AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. I highly recommend wearing gloves. And having bandaids handy.



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