IMG_8341Up next comes the fascia – this is pretty much the edging that runs underneath the gutters and covers the join between the roof and the outside cladding on the walls. Right? Something like that.

My fascia is rough sawn treated pine boards that we painted with outdoor paint. For the paint and the boards all up it came close to about $100, which isn’t bad for a part of the build I didn’t even know existed before we started. Plus visitors always help! Thanks Sanksee 🙂

Tom cheated a bit here and whacked the boards up before cutting them to size. I suppose you’re allowed to cut corners when you literally can cut corners with a circular saw on a ladder. Much quicker than calculating and measuring meticulously like the rest of us would have to do!


We also set up some scaffolding for the next step: THE ROOF! Noel borrowed the alloy scaffold planks from his work site (super handy!) and Tom whacked the timber frame bits up from left overs and some extra non structural pieces we had lying around. This should make getting the roof on a bit easier, especially given the awkward angles of the slope on either side of the house. Ladders ain’t so much fun when they’re wobbling underneath you…

IMG_8363  IMG_8365

IMG_8360   IMG_8353


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