Rain, hail or shine

Another weekend down, another wild burst of progress. EEP!


Dwarf walls were added to the wall frames we started last weekend, the floor to the loft went on and then roof rafters were added on top. And suddenly, it felt a whole lot more housey! I imagine that is going to keep happening for a while – although Tom has warned me that all the fast high impact stuff (like framing) is about to come to a grinding halt. From there on in there will probably be lots of nitty gritty details to deal with and things will slow back down. This will no doubt be exacerbated by the fact that Tom’s building role will also be finishing up soon and I’ll be out on my own! On the upside, my brief apprenticeship with Tom has definitely helped with my basic skills and confidence level. I’m still totally out of my depth, but Tom has also promised that I can still feed him pizza and come pick his brain when I get completely stuck.

See, Tom? Tiny Fridays are in writing now. I’m holding you to that promise!

IMG_8249  IMG_8268

Anyway, thankfully for now I still have his expertise on hand to churn out results. We’ve added in a double gable at the front, which is going to look awesome (although may be a pain to clad). The other changes we went for include extending the dormer to 2850mm long to make sure there was enough head room to get down the stairs safely. There have been a few other small changes to the design as we’ve been progressing, including making the loft shorter than originally planned. It’s gone down to about 2.1 metres long now despite being 2.5 in my first design. Ideally, I probably would’ve liked something more in the middle of those two measurements but to fit my stairs in required some compromise. I’m still happy that I got the stairs at all and don’t have to deal with a ladder, so there’s that.

I’m pretty stoked that things are moving along so solidly now, especially considering the weather hasn’t exactly been on our side the last week or so. I’m not sure you can tell, but take my word for the fact that it was close to snowing on us in those pictures. Saturday morning was 5 degrees according to my car and there was sleet (read: chunks of ice. That’s pretty much snow right?!) falling as I drove to the build site. Yikes!


The cold, coupled with regular downpours for pretty much the whole day, should’ve been miserable. But I’ve gotta say, I find it hard to be anything close to miserable whenever we’re out there working. Quite literally; rain, hail and shine – coming home to to build my tiny on the weekends is by far the highlight of my week.

I’m loving seeing this evolve, I love reflecting and sharing the progress with everyone who is interested in the project, I love knowing that I’m actively moving towards an intentional life that will be a whole new challenge. Each weekend I get wonderful company, I’m learning new skills and working with my hands has always been the best kind of grounding for me – whether it’s cooking, crafting…or building! As it turns out. To be outside all day after a week in an office is about the only other thing I could think of to add to my weekend requirements. So, happy tiny weekends it is! As a total bonus the sun came back to join the party on Sunday. Although none of the mud that now surrounds my gravel island has even considered drying up, the house didn’t mind a break from the damp, I’m sure.

How gorgeous does it all look framed up against a biting, blue winter sky?




3 thoughts on “Rain, hail or shine

  1. elaine hill says:

    Looking good Sarah , nothing like a project to keep the Winter Blues Away, speaking from someone trying to build a shed in the rain, cold miserable weather, it was relief to have a fine day yesterday considering it now raining again.

    xx luv E


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