Back to the drawing board

I just opened my last post and had to have a little laugh when I read the, ‘finally finalised the design for this tiny!’, bit. Let’s just say that might need to be revised slightly, and I’m becoming less and less sure that I’ll ever be able to say that for sure.

There has been some excellent progress, but as seems to be the norm with this tiny journey, it’s certainly not a linear process. I feel a bit more like circular would describe it. Or perhaps, whirling around in circles chasing your tail until your brains feel like scrambled eggs and then hoping you stumble in the right direction when you finally stop spinning. Fun! But not particularly productive.

One exciting update is that I’ve convinced my excellent, creative and talented carpenter friend, Tom, to help me build the tiny. The good news is that this means that there might actually be some kind of tiny house being built at some point. The bad news is that he has some serious questions about my floorplan and basically thinks I’m trying to cram too much into such a small space. Sadly, he may have a point.

One thing it looks like I’ll have to compromise on is the stairs vs steps debate. I think my idea of ladders has been coloured from childhood experiences of climbing up and down little bunk bed ladders, with those round rungs that dig into your feet and make midnight bathroom visits even less appealing. I was imagining something luxurious and beautifully crafted with storage included, like this set of tansu steps.


Tom says I’m dreaming.

Well, not totally true. He says I can have steps, just not if I also expect to have room for a couch and my stove and a 1 metre wide bathroom and a desk, all along the same 6.5 metre wall. Luckily, he also says these are things we can nut out a bit and make up as we go along, so long as we have the nuts and bolts of the floor plan mapped out. Considering I spoke to my tiny trailer fabricator the other day and locked in a few of those nuts and bolts, let’s hope he’s right!


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