Hollyburton Building Workshop

When I got home from Portland I knew it was time to sink or swim with this building business. The only way to find out sometimes is to jump in feet first. As someone who hasn’t really built anything before, I had a bit of jumping to do.

Luckily I found a 4 day tiny house building workshop filled with creative, supportive, ridiculously cool people.

hollyburton group

There is so much to love about what Rob from Hollyburton is doing, I can’t sum it up here. Over four days we all got a taste of tiny living , staying in tinies built by previous workshops and soaking up the farm in all its glory.


Some of Rob’s glorious Hollyburton Tinies

So many people embarking on tiny house have inspired me with their stories of building, of giving it a go with no previous experience. Why not me? Sure, I have no tools, nowhere to build, very little experience (none before this workshop) and approximately zero spatial awareness…but when has common sense ever stopped me before? If I’ve learnt anything in my 27 years it’s that the world is full of people who will give, and you honestly just don’t know how far you can get if you don’t ask and tap into that generosity.

So now, here I am. Spending plenty of time with my friend, YouTube: the teacher of all things in life. Trying to read back over the copious notes I took at Hollyburton and having very little to no clue what I was talking about. Having regular crises of self doubt and wondering if I’ve completely lost the plot…but also surprisingly making progress. I’m calculating the pitch of my roof and estimating the height of things like king studs, lintels, top and bottom plates, researching flashing, sheathing and cladding – things I’d never heard of a few months ago. I’m having sensible conversations with draftsmen and builders about MGP10 and how much weight my studs need to bear, can they be placed over my wheel wells or not. I’m drawing framing plans for my trailer, and whether they’re accurate or not, it’s still something I would never have even attempted last year.

So much pride in one little architrave!

So much pride in one little architrave!

Progress sneaks up on you, like children growing up. When you’re surrounded by your miniscule efforts everyday it’s hard to see change. Looking back two years ago though, it’s hard to believe how far those little offshoots have grown already.


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