The first purchase

There’s only so long you can talk about these things before it’s time to take the plunge. I knew from the start that any tiny house of mine was going to be designed around space for creating and sharing food. At first I was considering practicalities – I want to be able to bake and I know that the house would need a heat source, but making room for both an oven and wood fire seemed impossible. So – porque no los dos?

IMG_7124This my lovely Nectre Baker’s Oven, bought second hand (but looks pretty brand new!) from Ebay. Designed and manufactured in Australia, super good looking, and should more than meet any baking and heating requirements – I was sold. They sell selling is 80% emotion (source: Telstra Call centre training circa 2007). The emotion connected to cooking and food makes this stove the heart of my tiny and it certainly got me across the line from dreaming to spending.

Weighing in at 120kgs of cast iron, it wasn’t a walk in the park to pick it up and move it. Well, actually, I was pretty lucky and had amazing help at either end so it couldn’t have been a whole lot easier. But that certainly has been a learning curve for buying things online – sometimes they’re a total steal, but it doesn’t matter how much of a bargain something is if you need four people to travel four hours to move it for you.

For now my Nectre is safe in its temporary home – massive thanks to you, Noelly, for helping wrangle it off the truck and for finding room for it in your shed. Big thanks to Dad and to Steve from Ebay (who thankfully borrowed a forklift to load it for me) as well – you’re both awesome!



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