Decisions, decisions

There is a lot to choose between when you want to make a tiny home. You can go down the shipping container route or something on wheels, you can go super tiny or relatively large, there’s timber, steel, the list goes on and on…

After lots of deliberation I’ve decided to make a tiny house on wheels. The trailer will be 6.5 metres long by 2.8 metres wide, which will technically make it an oversized vehicle for towing. After speaking to Vic Roads I decided the extra width was worth the temporary permit that I’d have to purchase if I ever want to take the trailer on the road.


I visited the trailer manufacturer and had a look around – this isn’t my trailer but it was a similar size and helpful for getting a sense for how much room I’d have to play with. The height of the frame will be about the height of the sleeping loft, but my trailer won’t come with the steel frame. Timber all the way!

I’ve borrowed lots of ideas from lots of places but my main source of practical inspiration lately has been Vina’s stunning tiny, by her design company Sol Haus. I thought about purchasing her plans to use but there were a few things I wanted to do differently and I’ve (probably stupidly) decided to give it a go myself. This means not just designing the house but also figuring out how to frame and construct it in a way that is structurally sound…worth a shot, right?

Something tells me that I’m not going to run short of people to thank in these posts, the more people I speak to the more people I find who seem willing to come along for the journey. Shout out to my wonderful go to gal, B-rob, who came with me to visit the trailers and listened to my gabbled excitement before and after the trip. It certainly wasn’t the first time and something tells me it will be far from the last that you’ll have to listen to my excited raving! xx


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