Where it all began

I think it’s safe to say that my tiny dream really took shape almost 2 years to the day, after a visit to the Cathedral Ranges. Maddy’s Dad was building a new house on his block and in the meantime had put together a temporary man shack, a mish mash of an old dairy, someone’s old garage, and a few other building bits and bobs he had found for free. It was…well it was kind of heaven.

Inside was cosy and welcoming and free of all the excess that so many houses have these days. It just hit me right in the heart somewhere, that this is how I wanted to live.

The man shack

We cooked on an outside fire pit, the loo had a view over the farm that was hard to beat. I snuggled to sleep up in a loft next to Mads and the potbelly fire kept us warm all night long. Hard to forget the feeling of peace that weekend left me with.

Plus the bath! Words can’t quite do it justice. If you’ve never had a steaming hot bath under the stars of a crisp, clear April night – do yourself a favour. I knew then and there that when I had my own place, the main condition was that an outdoor bath could be installed.

Best bath everI’m pretty sure after that weekend I started looking at Cabin Porn and it wasn’t long till I came across the tiny houses. What can I say? The rest is history.

Thanks Mads, and thanks to your Dad! You made a longing that I’ve always had suddenly tangible, and there’s been no looking back.


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